Tag…you’re it

Here are the rules: Answer each question and type the answer into the Google search engine using the Image Search. Choose an image from the first page that pops up.


1. Your first name:


2. Your age on your next birthday:


3. A place you’d like to travel to:


4. The town where you were born:


5. Your favorite food:


6. Your middle name:

(who knew that Marie Antoinette’s real first name was Louise?)


7. Name of a past love:

(Wow…he has the same first name as well as the pout.)


8. The name of a beloved pet:

(I know, so original, right?)


9. Grandmother’s name:


10. Your college degree:


2 responses to “Tag…you’re it

  • Heather

    I just gave this a try, and it sure is hard to find any image that isn’t provocative. Thanks for the fun.

    • Erin

      Oh my gosh, Heather, I’d forgotten all about this fun little time-waster! I think it was something that was going around the Blogosphere back in the day. But then, there’s always some new distraction to lure us away from our daily responsibilities, right?

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