The essence of Saturday

It snowed last night. I awakened to a pristine, stark-white winter wonderland. We northeast Ohioans escaped with a mere 15 inches. Folks to the east of us, in the Mid-Atlantic region, got around two feet.

February 2010

I love a weekend blizzard.  It’s the perfect excuse to hunker down inside the cozy homestead, light the fireplace, listen to the footy, watch teen slasher flicks on the telly (as darling daughter is doing), cook up some comfort food, and waste time on the internet.

I was struck mid-morning by a spirit of weekend enterprise – a rare mood for me these days.  I decided to make the most of it by exercising my slightly atrophied culinary muscles.  I made beef stew with Guinness and spaghetti bolognese, aka spag bol.  One recipe I consulted decreed that unless you’re using tagliatelle pasta it’s not authentic spag bol.  I went ahead and used capellini. I’m rebellious that way. Besides, bolognese is all about the ragu.

I am also allowing myself the luxury of doing a little online window shopping. Coveting is optional.

Vintage 1960s Rolex Oyster watch

How current is this gorgeous vintage dress?

1920s Paris meets Charleston.

Can't have enough of these!

Antique grain sack pillows

Rolex watch available at Ashton-Blakey Antiques.

Grey silk dupioni dress from this Etsy shop.

Room photo from William Means Real Estate.

Mantel arrangement by Jane Moore; photo courtesy of The Skirted Roundtable.

Pillows from 3 Fine Grains.


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