Monthly Archives: November 2009

Resigned comment of the day

“He told us we deserved to win. How is that supposed to make me feel? It makes me feel worse. He’s admitted he cheated. We should have won. He just said, ‘That’s it’. He just said he handled it, he didn’t mean it. Looking at it, it’s quite obvious he did mean it. It’s there for everyone to see and they’re not going to change it now. So what can we do? They’re going to the World Cup and we’re not. That’s it.” ~Ireland defender Richard Dunne on the Thierry Henry “Hand of God” goal in France’s 1-0 win over Ireland.


Wistful comment of the day

“What a charming vision of England,” says Walliams, waving to a skipper.  “You think England’s gone, lost for ever, then some nice people go by on their barge.” The skipper is heavily bearded and pullovered.  “Matt and I would say he’s got The Look. He looks like a character already.” ~David Walliams in his Times London  interview

Inspiring comment of the day

“I’m a striker in everything else I do.  I like to attack things and push, push, push.  Because anyone can do anything, can’t they? World War Two showed us that.  Bankers were made into commandos.  Women were taken from Cheltenham Ladies’ College and put on anti-aircraft batteries.  Everyone can do way more than they think.”

~ British actor/comedian Eddie Izzard

Pithy comment of the day (so far)

“Hoho, just you wait, Rod; a great horde of faux-Hibernian outrage is about to be unleashed in this comments section…” ~ Mr Eugenides in response to the following editorial in the Spectator:

To you Celtic Football Club, I say: Never!