how to while away a saturday morning

Any Saturday morning that I don’t have to work (and these are getting to be rare, indeed) you will find me firmly planted in my office desk chair tuned in to Superscoreboard on Glasgow’s Radio Clyde. Peter Martin, Derek Johnstone, Hugh Keevins, et al do a superb job of covering the matches in the Scottish Premier League every weekend. The contrast between Scottish and English sports commentary is huge. The Scots are passionate—I dare say, rabid—about their football, and the enthusiasm of the Radio Clyde commentators is contagious. You can always count on Peter’s and Derek’s lively banter, their playful teasing of old-timer Hugh, and Peter’s mega-decibel excitement when someone scores a goal (especially if it’s an Old Firm match). And if they happen to be drinking their favorite libation, you can bet that hilarity will ensue. No matter how world-weary or despondent I might feel when I wake up in the morning, a few hours of The Boys never fail to lift my spirits. I guess you could say I’ve become addicted to this Saturday morning ritual.


 The Boys in action




Peter Martin Neil Lennon 

Peter Martin (r) with former Celtic captain Neil Lennon

(photos courtesy of Superscoreboard Live)


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