To write!

I’m having the most tedious and tiresome day and there’s no end in sight.

Darling Daughter #2 wakened me at a few minutes before 6:00 this morning (on my only day off), sputtering that the dog had had diarrhea all over her bedroom carpet, including inside her closet. She had to be at a friend’s house to babysit by 7, so clean-up duties were left to me. As always. (The buck stops here, baby.) I don’t know if the dog has some sort of virus or what, but he’s continued to leave little intermittent soupy/smelly piles in various rooms of the house throughout the day. And naturally, all the accidents have taken place only on the carpeted areas  So I’ve been scooping, blotting, scrubbing, and deodorizing all day long, while still trying to keep an eye out for any behaviors signalling further—ummm—-mishaps.

So much for a day of leisurely lying about. On my day off.

And the fun isn’t over yet, oh no! For in approximately three hours, I get to leave for the juvenile court building, there to attend the last half-hour of Only Son’s remedial driving safety course. He opted to take the class in lieu of paying a fine for his speeding ticket, which was really a wise choice. Every kid who completes this one-evening class gets his moving violation removed from his driving record. I’m all for more proactive lessons on how to be a better and safer driver. I am just a little resentful that the courts make parents partake in the teens’ comeuppance, at least when it comes to driving. (Hey, I think I’ve earned the right to opt out of any driver’s safety classes. After nearly 32 years of driving, I have yet to receive a moving violation!)

Ooops. That sounded suspiciously like gloating, didn’t it?

Did I mention it was my day off?


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